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Innovative Projects and Facilitated Financing for Business

Competitiveness for a company willing to develop innovative projects and expand its market, access to financial resources is essential. One of the available sources of funding is "facilitated financing", which includes interventions and tools to support businesses as provided by the legislator, at local, national, regional, or European level.

By participating in calls for proposals, companies have the opportunity to access funding, incentives, grants, and other advantageous conditions.

The first step to accessing "facilitated financing" is to analyze the needs related to ongoing or short-to-medium-term company projects. This analysis helps identify key elements such as objectives, planned activities, expected outcomes, and expenses to be incurred. This preliminary activity is crucial for identifying the most suitable facilitated measures among those available at the European, national, and regional levels.

However, identifying the right financing vehicle is just the first step. It is essential to understand how to properly manage the project planning to apply for the grant successfully. This involves defining parameters and success indicators to write a comprehensive and winning proposal.

For over 15 years, the F-AST Team has been providing qualified support in drafting the project to be submitted, defining timelines and metrics using a proven language and methodology. Companies can rely on F-AST for assistance in identifying the technologies to be used, project definition, and, once a positive outcome is achieved, project implementation, reporting, and documentation, as well as execution timeline management.

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