Design and additive manufacturing: H-ARP

We provide businesses with advanced infrastructure and expertise to evaluate the benefits and feasible solutions offered by additive manufacturing using additive manufacturing and 3D printing. We help technicians and companies to identify areas where it offers advantages over traditional manufacturing methods.

The journey unfolds across two TEC4I FVG locations, where businesses can receive full support from qualified technicians in designing and printing components. They can also experiment with different techniques and materials, from prototypes to small production runs.

The two H-ARP labs differ in the type of material used for 3D printing:

  • H-ARP Metal is the specialized laboratory for designing and printing metal components, located in Udine.
  • H-ARP Poli is the laboratory for the design and printing of polymer and composite components. It also offers reverse engineering technologies and subtractive manufacturing (CNC milling, laser cutting), located in Maniago.

For additive technologies not directly available at our two experimentation centers, H-ARP leverages a well-established external network of partners.

Additive Rapid Prototyping (ARP)

Additive Manufacturing is a technology that enables the production of objects and components with complex geometries by generating and stacking successive layers of material. It offers innovative production methods not achievable with traditional technologies, such as creating a seamless hollow sphere in a single pass. It is also possible to design objects with high strength and lower weights compared to solid or molded productions, thanks to the ability to create honeycomb or lattice structures.


  • Innovate your production processes by adopting a new approach to product and components design that traditional processing techniques cannot achieve.
  • Customize products more extensively.
  • Reduce the total manufacturing time.
  • Produce spare parts on demand.
  • Introduce new functionalities and optimize the mechanical and thermal performance of components.

Open Innovation

The participatory model that underlies H-ARP facilitates the exchange of knowledge among businesses, encourages discussion and sharing of experiences in both design and production, stimulates an innovative strategic vision, and activates a cycle that enhances collective potential growth.

Test Before Invest

The production challenges companies face often require significant investments that the current economic environment suggest should be done very carefully. H-ARP helps to adopt the "Test before invest" methodology, allowing companies to verify the real potential of a technology for their needs, enabling a more informed subsequent investment decision.

We applie this methodology to additive manufacturing and design, or rather redesign, supporting the production of components and finished elements. We offer designers and production managers the opportunity to follow a path of knowledge and practical experiences that range from understanding design techniques to producing prototypes at extremely competitive costs and lead times, up to small series of finished products.

Conceptual Design

By leveraging 3D software to redesign and experiment with different geometries and materials, businesses can develop innovative product, object, and component concepts. Combining design with 3D printing can accelerate the entire conceptual modeling process and reduce costs.


The H-ARP business accelerator was established in 2018 in collaboration with the COMET Metalmeccanica Fvg Cluster, with the participation of the University of Udine and Malignani ITS.

In partnership with EOS and AM Ventures, and with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, it is part of the regional project OIS "Open Innovation System".

Design and Additive Manufacturing

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