Startup Academy Launches

The Start-Up Academy is taking off, providing a training and experience-sharing program for the youngest entrepreneurial ventures in the region.

20 Jun 2023

The first edition of this entrepreneurial education program for innovative businesses, commencing on June 23, is dedicated to 10 companies participating in the "Startup Project" by Confindustria Udine: AI4IV, Atanor, Beyond Education, Cynexo, Endico, L4C, Metalmed, Northern Light, Simbiotica, and The Eyes Republic. Each company can enroll up to three participants, totaling approximately 30 beneficiaries in the first edition.

Course Structure

The program consists of both classroom training and subsequent individual mentoring.

  • The training is divided into 4 modules, totaling 28 hours, and offers an integrated curriculum that includes basic training, entrepreneur and manager testimonials, as well as thematic focuses.
  • The individual mentoring lasts for 2 months and culminates in a Demo Day where the young innovative companies will present themselves to investors.

The activity plan is defined after a shared assessment of identified knowledge gaps, which will be addressed and overcome in personalized individual sessions.

What Will Be Learned

In the classroom, practical skills in economic and financial analysis, interacting with potential investors, preparing Business Pitches, conducting market interactions through a Customer Discovery Process to determine market size and potential customers, and achieving Product Market Fit to learn how to focus resources and communication on the products produced will be transferred.

Thematic focuses will provide in-depth insights into:

Intellectual Property: How to protect your innovative solutions - Patents, Models, Trademarks Business

  • Contracts: How to collaborate with suppliers, partners, and clients effectively. Contracts, NDAs, interactions with third parties
  • GDPR Check-up: How to be compliant and safeguard your business? GDPR and Privacy for new entrepreneurial projects
  • Potential Partners and Investors: Speaking the same language for a winning partnership!

Course Approach

Young businesses will always be accompanied by mentors who will encourage participants to adopt a new approach and a new way of viewing and interpreting their business, the competitive landscape, and their relationship with potential investors.

  • Interactive training activities, balanced between theory and practice
  • Experiential methodologies and Learning by Doing
  • Peer learning activities
  • Key evaluation and reflection moments, with dedicated tools and interactions with experts
  • Assessment of individual progress and training objectives (ex ante, in itinere, and ex post)
  • Group activities
  • Individual tasks and customizable paths

Promoting Entities

The Startup Academy was conceived and initiated by the Innovation Commission of Confindustria Udine, designed and delivered by Friuli Innovazione with the support of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and CiviBank.

The implementation of this systemic action was financially supported by Confindustria Udine (€5,000) and CiviBank (€10,000).

Press Conference

The press conference, held at the Santa Maria Tower of Confindustria Udine, featured the following speakers: the Vice President of Confindustria Udine, Anna Mareschi Danieli, the President of Confindustria Udine, Gianpietro Benedetti, the Regional Assessor for Labor, Training, Education, Research, University, and Family, Alessia Rosolen, the President of Friuli Innovazione, Stefano Casaleggi, and the President of CiviBank, Alberta Gervasio.

They Stated

Gianpietro Benedetti: "Many rise on the stage of Startups, but then, upon closer inspection, there aren't enough projects that manage to consolidate. Therefore, it is necessary to facilitate this path, and Confindustria Udine's commitment to supporting high-quality, valid ideas and projects is commendable. It is in their interest, the interest of their members, especially if they can work in synergy with new entrepreneurial entities, and it is also in society's interest."

Alberta Gervasio: "CiviBank Benefit Society has, among its objectives of common benefit, the enhancement of the local economic fabric. This translates into support for companies and new entrepreneurial ideas that, thanks to innovative choices, increase the competitiveness of the region. Knowledge of local dynamics allows us to identify regional potential and excellence, thus creating a positive impact for companies, young entrepreneurs and professionals, and the entire community."

Stefano Casaleggi: "Young businesses need to learn how to present a convincing dossier to attract investors and business partners. The key elements of the dossier include creating a compelling market analysis, a solid business plan, thorough documentation, and the ability to present it clearly and transparently. With the Academy, we want to offer an accelerated classroom training program, complemented by in-depth and on-the-job training with experienced mentors. The first edition of the Academy will start with 10 companies. We couldn't meet all the requests, but we are pleased to announce that there will be a second edition in 2023."

Alessia Rosolen: "Startup Academy is a systemic project that shares research, technological development, employment, and the competitiveness of the region. The Region strongly supports the training process for innovative startups because Friuli Venezia Giulia needs it, as demonstrated by the revival results achieved by Friuli Innovazione in which the Regional Administration has believed and invested in these five years. With Confindustria and Friuli Innovazione, we have embarked on an important and complex path that responds to a precise strategy for business training and innovation. The Region will continue to commit to this path."

Startup Academy Launches

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