H-ARP organizes a WEbinar to talk about the services it offers to companies

An opportunity to understand how H-ARP can help you enter the world of Additive Manufacturing

02 Nov 2023

A WEbinar, where the word WE (we) wants to highlight the desire to work together, to understand how additive manufacturing can integrate your technologies for the production of prototypes and products. From design to the creation of prototypes, up to small series, Additive Manufacturing opens up new opportunities, including that of "reverse engineering" products that are no longer easily achievable with traditional technologies, perhaps because the necessary craftsmanship skills have gone lost or too expensive. H-ARP, the division that deals with Additive and Rapid Prototyping of TEC4I FVG, has created a series of courses to enter the world of additive technologies, from the basics up to a specific "tailored" path that allows you to realize the skills necessary to design and manufacture components and finished products. Driven by the "test before invest" logic, H-ARP wants to give technicians and entrepreneurs the necessary tools to be able to verify in the field whether additive manufacturing technologies meet their needs, without the need to make huge investments in the dark. We are waiting for you on November 13th at 11.00


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H-ARP organizes a WEbinar to talk about the services it offers to companies

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