Friuli Innovazione becomes TEC4I FVG

TEC4I FVG is the new brand under which Friuli Innovazione presents itself in the market. The new strategic plan, the change of approach, and the balance between institutional and market interventions find expression in the new brand: TEC4I FVG.

06 Oct 2023

The easily recognizable brand reflects the organizational renewal and emphasizes competence and investments.

The new positioning, the economic results of 2022, and the strategic plan of TEC4I FVG were presented on October 5th in Udine. During the event, Friuli Innovazione's President Stefano Casaleggi, along with the regional councilor for Labor, Education, Research, Universities, and Family Alessia Rosolen, and the vice president of Confindustria Udine Dino Feragotto, introduced the new identity and strategies to support change and innovation in the business world.

In its renewal journey, Friuli Innovazione has redefined its strategies, reorganized activities into 4 competence centers - aligned with key technologies and best practices for business and startup growth - and redesigned working methodologies for efficiency and measurability.

TEC4I FVG provides established infrastructure and expertise for the concrete development of businesses, whether they are SMEs or startups, in four main areas, two technological and two methodological:

  1. Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping (where it operates with "H-ARP" - Hub for Additive and Rapid Prototyping)
  2. Digital technology with a focus on Edge Computing and Cyber Security (with the competence center "D-ATA" - Digital - Accelerating company transformation, data-driven innovation)
  3. Startups and innovative companies (with "T-GEN" - Talent Generation)
  4. Access to financing (with "F-AST" - Facilitated finance for regional development).

Strategic Plan and Future Investments

The economic results for the year 2022 are positive and growing, thanks to the implementation of the new strategic plan. This plan has reorganized internal resources, made working methodologies more efficient, and shifted Friuli Innovazione's focus from project realization to providing expertise and intervening in the region as part of the regional innovation ecosystem, supporting businesses and entities in the region.

The two-year strategic plan is accompanied by a plan that includes 2.4 million euros in investments distributed over the next four years, spread across all four Hubs.

In addition to investments in equipment, including new 3D printing systems, materials, and hardware, significant developments are planned for software platforms to support monitoring and assistance for regional businesses, startups, and facilitated finance programs.

A significant portion of the new funds is allocated to the growth of human resources and skills, both internal and external, including partnerships with some of the most prominent players in the region. The 4 Hubs bring the expertise and resources of TEC4I FVG directly to the service of businesses and entities in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region. A balanced set of actions in state aid and market actions is undertaken to ensure that the impact of support is effective and concrete.

Furthermore, the types of businesses targeted by the Hub's activities are different from the past, with a focus on smaller businesses that may not have the corporate size to explore and implement innovative technologies independently.

This change has led the organization to focus primarily on SMEs, with over 150 interventions in the first nine months of the year. For example, H-ARP - the Hub for Additive and Rapid Prototyping - introduced additive technology to 75 companies between January and September of this year, with 40 testing the technology for prototyping or small-scale production in its laboratories.

To support the reorganization, TEC4I FVG has expanded its team with new young experts and has opened up to new partnerships, both private and institutional.

In the field of entrepreneurial training, TEC4I FVG strengthens its commitment by launching the second edition of Startup Academy, an entrepreneurial support program for young innovative companies. It also strengthens its partnership with the Malignani Higher Technical Institute for entrepreneurial training initiatives aimed at young talents attending the institute.

Within F-AST, the Hub dedicated to Facilitated Finance projects for businesses, the FIN4I platform is currently in testing, with a planned release in December. It is a monitoring system for financing opportunities available through regional, national, and European calls for proposals, built on a decade of experience in facilitated finance. The platform allows registered companies to search for the most suitable financing opportunities based on four search criteria: ATECO code of the company, company size, company needs, and reference area.

Another area of focus for TEC4I FVG is the digital transformation of businesses. The D-ATA team is creating a laboratory that, through Edge Computing, consolidates information from H-ARP production systems. Another laboratory dedicated to Cybersecurity will develop expertise and technologies related to safeguarding business information.

Statements by Key Figures

  • Stefano Casaleggi, President of Friuli Innovazione: "The economic and productive fabric of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is experiencing a period of growth, with companies, startups, and new talents seeing technological and digital transformation as a fundamental opportunity for growth. TEC4 FVG has redefined its strategies to support change and accompany the business world in innovation. By providing solid expertise and a network of authoritative partners, TEC4I FVG now positions itself as a reference point for regional development".
  • Dino Feragotto, Vice President of Confindustria Udine: "TEC4I FVG is the future of regional innovation, a valuable partner for local businesses. This new approach aims to serve a variety of companies, including smaller ones, by facilitating the adoption of innovative technologies and contributing to the technological progress of the region. My thanks go first to the management and partners of Friuli Innovazione, who with foresight and courage have been able to leverage the potential and experience of Friuli Innovazione. This vision will allow TEC4I FVG to emerge as a crucial reference point for regional businesses in the field of innovation and economic development in Friuli Venezia Giulia".
  • A note at the press conference was provided by Giovanni Da Pozzo, President of the Pordenone Udine Chamber of Commerce: "The Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce firmly believes in the fundamental role of innovation parks in the two provinces of the region. Friuli Innovazione, in particular, has the challenging and important task of making itself available to the Friulian business system, helping it accelerate innovation processes in the face of the significant challenges we will have to face, managing and anticipating, where possible, the rapid and profound changes that the economy is experiencing and will experience in the near future".
Friuli Innovazione becomes TEC4I FVG

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