A collaboration between TEC4I FVG and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is underway

A cross-border innovation ecosystem for regional innovative businesses.

08 Nov 2023

Opportunities for growth and interaction, opportunities for contact with investors and cross-border mentoring are the points which, expression of a common vision and strategy, will be the basis of the collaboration between TEC4I FVG and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (the foreign trade promotion organization of the Chamber of 'Austrian Economy).

"TEC4I FVG is a leading reality in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which aims to develop the entrepreneurial development of technological companies and start-ups. This innovation hub provides solid skills to entrepreneurs and young talents, who also turn to this prestigious partner from outside the region. The exchange that took place with the representatives of this center of excellence lays the foundations for a fruitful collaboration with our institution with a view to common initiatives, such as the development of innovation and the meeting between Austrian start-ups and Italian partners" commented Christoph Plank, Commercial Consul of Austria.

In fact, it is essential for talents and young innovative companies to be included in an ecosystem that knows how to make them grow and develop adequately and in a region like Friuli Venezia Giulia it is natural that the ecosystem does not stop at national borders. “The collaboration between Austria and Italy has always been intense – underlined Sabrina Strolego, Honorary Consul of Austria – and what has been started is a further and very important project which, based on common themes, will consolidate relations and further strengthen the synergy between the countries".

"The meeting with Consul Christoph Plank was very positive. We have identified themes and strategies, but not only that. At the working table, the approach that will guide future initiatives was also identified and shared - explains Stefano Casaleggi, president of TEC4I FVG - which will be opportunities for bilateral interaction designed according to shared models. We hope that this will become a system action among all the actors operating in the regional innovation ecosystem".

A collaboration between TEC4I FVG and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is underway

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