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IMProvement of Innovation Management Performance with sustainable IMPact for Small and Medium sized Enterprises

IMP³rove (IMProvement of Innovation Management Performance with sustainable IMPact for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) is an Innovation Management project initiated in response to the call published by the Directorate-General for Enterprise of the European Union, as part of the Europe-Innova initiative. It is explicitly aimed at providing assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in innovation management. IMP³rove® has achieved its overall goal during the first phase: providing better services to support innovation management.

Tangible results achieved include:

  1. An effective approach to innovation management based on self-assessment through an online platform (, an integrated consulting process for continuous improvement and quality management.
  2. The largest and most up-to-date European benchmarking database on innovation management in SMEs, with over 2500 comparison data.
  3. A European network of IMP³rove® consultants, with more than 400 members from Europe and beyond.
  4. Clear benefits for key stakeholders: SMEs, consultants and intermediaries (such as cluster managers, chambers of commerce, etc.), financial managers, policymakers, and representatives from the academic world.

The overall goal of IMP³rove®II is to become self-sustaining at the end of the project phase. This implies the continuous and further development of the current IMP³rove® offering, as well as the proposal of new services that respond to market needs.

Therefore, IMP³rove®II will further develop:

  1. The IMP³rove® online platform (including the IMP³rove® Assessment tool).
  2. The IMP³rove® network of associated partners.
  3. The IMP³rove® benchmarking database.

In parallel, new services will be developed and offered in the market, including:

  1. An online community.
  2. An IMP³rove® European Innovation Management Academy with a unified training curriculum for innovation management.
  3. IMP³rove® audits and IMP³rove® certificates.
  4. The organization of roundtable discussions to define further developments and promote IMP³rove.


  1. A.T. Kearney GmbH (lead partner), Germany
  2. APRE - Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea, Italy
  3. Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, Germany

Opportunities offered by IMP³rove® II:

IMP³rove®II is synonymous with open innovation. Stakeholders are invited to participate in the program and leverage the service to further develop innovation management capabilities in their areas of activity. For example:

  1. Evaluate the results related to the innovation management of SMEs and improve their performance.
  2. Improve the innovation management capabilities of intermediary organizations.
  3. Participate in IMP³rove® training.
  4. Share experience in innovation management within the network.
  5. Connect with other entities operating within the IMP³rove® network.

Friuli Innovazione has been part of the IMP³rove® network since the first phase initiated in 2007. It plays the important role of IMP³rove® Guide, supporting companies in completing the online assessment questionnaire, organizing meetings with companies to read and understand the benchmarking report, and providing companies with the information and support necessary to improve their performance in innovation management. Friuli Innovazione also organizes IMP³rove® training courses at various levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced) for consultants, intermediaries, financial operators, policymakers, and the academic world.

The target of IMP³rove®II includes all industrial sectors and all stakeholders – SMEs, consultants, intermediaries, financial operators, policymakers, and the academic world at the European and international levels.

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