E-EDU 4.0

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E-EDU 4.0

Cross-border training network 4.0 INTERREG ITALIA - AUSTRIA 2014-2020.

The fourth industrial revolution is now underway: schools, universities and SMEs are fully involved and have the task of providing the necessary skills for innovation processes. The cross-border area on which E-EDU 4.0 works benefits in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčassistance and services provided by local intermediaries to SMEs, but needs further efforts to provide the necessary skills for both education programs for schools and universities and for training aimed at to businesses.

E-EDU4.0 supports Industry 4.0 by strengthening the impact of training and education programs with much more effective cross-border cooperation and better synergy on the one hand with training and educational programs and on the other between laboratories and educational infrastructures. The project will create the necessary networks of actors who have skills in training programs, carry out activities and provide the tools and equipment necessary to strengthen the learning processes both locally and transnationally.
The concrete testing of qualification programs with local and cross-border actions for SMEs and students will improve the impact of the project and allow new synergies and new applications. An ICT platform with educational content and a mapping of skills will support the networks, cooperation and sustainability of the actions undertaken within the framework of the project.


  • Chamber of Commerce Industry handicraft agriculture of Treviso Belluno (coordinator)
  • HTL Wolfsberg
  • Carinthia Universtiy for Applied Sciences
  • t2i - technology transfer and innovation s.c. at r.l.
  • Free University of Bolzano
  • Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Center, Italy


The aim of the project is to develop a cross-border qualification network (understood as technical capacity and training structures), a program (curricula) as well as a qualification offer (education services, qualification) shared in the program area.
The E-EDU 4.0 project aims to harmonize educational programs through:

  • the creation of a cross-border network of training operators and available infrastructures;
  • the definition of cooperation models to improve the provision of qualified training for students and workers.
  • setting up laboratories to carry out educational activities
  • the development of a study program for the professional qualification of teachers, students, workers and entrepreneurs on issues related to Industry 4.0
  • activation of training courses for students, young entrepreneurs and "digital talents"

Year: 2018

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