BEST – Boosting Entrepreneurial Skills as Tool of integration of migrants to labour market

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Through BEST, which consortium includes 7 partners form Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, will implement social entrepreneurship trainings in each partner-country and establish effective cooperation with public key-stakeholders such as Chambers of Commerce and Employment Services aiming to:
1) facilitate the management of migrant integration and designing a tailored training program with blended learning;
2) deliver better and customised services which match the specific needs of TCN
3) involve the different key actors on integration of TCN into labour market
4) build capacities and transfer the outcomes on European level by giving access to outputs and materials in several European languages.
The project BEST offers an opportunity to intensify and deepen the existing relations between TCN, public authorities and NGOs while leveraging on the economic potential of TCN on a short and long-term.


  • Building a pedagogical framework with relevant information on entrepreneurship and self-employment in the participating countries;
  • Creation of a curriculum targeting TCN to foster entrepreneurial skills;
  • Set up an online platform where the contents for the entrepreneurship courses will be accessible by the participants;
  • Development and implementation of entrepreneurship courses and their monitoring by project partners during peer reviews;
  • Creation of a strong local/regional/national and transnational strategic partnership;
  • Set up cooperation agreements to ensure continuality and sustainability of outcomes and results in the short and long-term.


  • Gain&Sustain:Europe, Austria (Coordinator)
  • FH Joanneum Gesellschaft Mbh, Austria
  • Centar za mirovne studije, Centre for peace studies, Croazia
  • Pokreni ideju-udruga za promicanje socijalnih inovacija, Croazia
  • ZRC SAZU, Research center of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia
  • OIKOS Organisation for international Kooperation and Solidarity, Italy
  • Friuli Innovazione, Research and Technology Transfer Center, Italy

Project duration: February 2019 – July 2021

Handbok for "Train the trainers"

This handbook is aimed at members of business support organisations (consultants/trainers/teachers) as well as NGOs working in the field of social and economic integration (social workers/trainers/guides) who wish to support their users - in particular migrants and/or third-country nationals (TCN)- in acquiring the basic tools for shaping social entrepreneurship and in acquiring the basics of developing entrepreneurship and setting up a business, step by step.


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